How we're kicking off 2021

Mid 2020 saw Cleaver jumping from a desktop app to a cloud app, and being rebranded as along the way.

We also kicked ass at bringing new functionality to Cleavr that you can browse through in the Cleavr high level product road map.

We’re keeping up the momentum in 2021 and even started out the new year by bringing in two new team members to help us bring Cleavr to the next level. :tada:

Q1 will focus on strengthening our core and introducing new plan options

  • Update the Cleavr back-end in preparation for new tier options
  • We’ll introduce lower and higher tier options in addition to our current plan, which will become the middle tier option
  • Higher tier will offer features that are more conducive for teams and managed hosting providers
  • Upcloud integration - if you are interested in using Upcloud and would like to help test, please send me a PM with your account email
  • UI and UX updates - since we’re working on backend updates, we’re also working on cleaning up the front end. I just previewed the new GUI yesterday, and WOW! It’s pretty. :heart_eyes:

Of course, as we’re working through the above, we will still release other enhancements and bug fixes as we receive and prioritize them.

We’re super stoked about 2021 and cannot wait to introduce you to the new :candy: we’re working on!


Totally super impressed by your dedication!

Fist ever service in 25 years i bearly can keep up testing new features as they roll out.

Keep it up guys :heart:


I really wants the Third Partty API Support also…