How to connect via FTP


I’m trying to update Directus, to do this I want to move my ‘/uploads’ folder to my desktop, update Directus and then re-upload to ‘/uploads’.

I’m trying to follow this guide Connecting to your server via an FTP client but using “cleavr” instead as per my provisioning email, but it’s always timing out. I’m assuming that the new firewall is blocking this?

Nope it wasn’t Firewall.
No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. Connection failed.

Hello @Tom,

You can copy the folder on your actual server outside of the ‘current’ folder and then create a link via a hook.

Thank you.

Hi @EineeshGelal,

How can I do this as I’m struggling to connect via FTP?

Hello @Tom,

We don’t technically enable FTP access but you can use SFTP. Here are the instructions - Access Server Via FTP - Cleavr docs. The the key thing to check is make sure your FTP client supports SFTP and then use that method.

I also archived the old thread to avoid confusion. When we first launched, regular FTP was allowed but that was quickly removed in favor of SFTP.