Connecting to your server via an FTP client

Connecting to your server with an FTP client is straightforward and simple.

What you will need

  1. An FTP client, such as FileZilla
  2. Your server username; cleaver is created by default as a username during provision
  3. Your sudo password
  4. Your servers public IP

To Connect

Using Filezilla as an example -

  1. Enter your server public IP into host
  2. Enter cleaver as username
  3. Enter you sudo password
  4. Click Quickconnect

:boom: You should now be connected to your server and ready to use your FTP client.

Since I posted the above, Cleaver now offers WebApp / Server users.

To SFTP as a webapp user, it’s a fairly similar process. However, you will need to make sure that you add an SSH key and apply to that user.

Step 1:
In Server > Users, create a new web app user. For example, user name is “newuser”

Step 2:
In Server > SSH Keys, add a SSH key and make sure to add “newuser” to the Usernames text field. This will add the SSH key to the server and assign it to “newuser”.

Step 3:
Setup SFTP with your FTP client.

In the past, we had username and password authentication enabled; however, for security, we require SFTP.