WordPress and a decoupled architecture

Continuing the discussion from Cleaver high level product road map:

Hey David, I thought I’d bring this discussion over here in case other WP users are curious.

Apologies, my Wordpress question was incorrectly worded, I meant decoupled (not headless) architecture where two or more servers provide separate functions (e.g. Server1 Web, Server2 DB, etc) - is this possible?

You can certainly use Cleaver Webapps to do something like this. In fact, this is how we have the Cleaver webapp setup in Cleaver where we have a db server, app server, and queue server.

You should be able to do something similar with one server hosting WP CMS / DB and let’s say another hosting the front-end. I haven’t tried this particular setup with WP but I can’t think of why it wouldn’t work. I’d be curious to know about the architecture you are thinking of setting up as well as if you run into any issues while setting it up.