Why Nginx and PHP settings resets every morning?

Every morning i woke up with complaints that people cannot upload anything, and when i check cleavr’s php and nginx services be happening reseted. Sometimes writing those settings fixing problem, but sometimes those services stuck in a bug and new settings dont apply to php or nginx?

How can i fix this issue?

Resetting? That sounds odd, I’m not sure what might be doing that other than some other external factor.

Is this a WordPress site?

Which settings seem to be resetting?

This is laravel, nuxtssr application in same server.

Reset example (same thing applies to nginx as well):

I think it’s very specific issue, or should i say bug? But i don’t know where to start, or what to do… visitors can’t even add comments or reviews on website.

I found answer for nginx by putting settings like headers and so more in application scope, but real issue here php. Sometimes it’s requires to reinstall for fixing this bug.

I tried to repro on my side to see if there is a bug. I couldn’t find any obvious bugs; I also took a peak at your settings and didn’t see anything off - not to say that there isn’t a bug somewhere.

We don’t have anything that would reset these variables… If you add a new PHP version, you would have to set the variables for each PHP version. Also, if you removed PHP and reinstalled, you’d have to again configure the variables.

Possibly, there is a process working outside of Cleavr that might be resetting PHP settings. Keep an eye on this file (this is the server file where the php settings are located): /etc/php/8.0/fpm/php.ini