What NodeJS deployment guides do you want to see?

I’m working on going through several popular Node frameworks to create guides on how to deploy them using Cleavr.

Here is my list -

Anything you’d like to add to the list?

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Here is the guide for Nest JS - https://docs.cleavr.io/guides/nest

Overall - very easy to deploy. You’ll just need to watch out for the PORT number being hard coded in your code.

FoalTS looks like an interesting upcomer https://foalts.org

Not that many stars on GitHub but i often hear about it.

But i will stick with Adonis as backend and Quasar as frontent for now.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Looks like a nice framework - kinda like Hapi but in TypeScript. Connecting to a db took some TLC but was pretty easy to deploy. :wink:

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Loopback is a pretty nifty tool. Let’s you create some pretty powerful APIs mainly configuring the API via their CLI tool and little coding necessary. https://docs.cleavr.io/guides/loopback

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Coming from Laravel Adonis is pretty hard to leave since the structure is almost identical.

Quasar i just love as front end framework so this i won’t replace for sure. They also releases v.2 and i wont be surprised if they make it TS friendly.

Adonis also soon releases v5 and it is totally rewritten to TS but Adonis is also a framework for “the total package” i meen both frontend and backend so i might look into some lighter framework specifically created for advanced backend API.

But to be clear, Adonis is possible to install stripped down for API use only as well.

Hmmmm, Looback might just fit my needs: “A highly extensible Node.js and TypeScript framework for building APIs”.

I will look into it and get back with the reason i might replace Adonis with it or why i won’t.

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Just found a typo or maybe i misunderstood but in the loopback guide it says “Install Foal on server”

I know you have Adonis.js ready applications but if one would like to set up an server from scratch that i did it might be nice with a guide for Adonis.js as well?

You’re right!

At first, I was thinking - “why have a guide when all you need to do is click a couple buttons?” :rofl:

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I’ve created a guide for pretty much all of the Node frameworks.

Meteor is by far the trickiest to deploy. Probably not too surprising as they sell their own hosting platform for meteor apps.

I have a guide for Meteor, but I’ll probably keep it hidden until we make an update on Cleavr that would mitigate the biggest pain of deployment.

I also tried Derby, but didn’t create a guide as I ultimately gave up on it. Mainly because it requires a Mongo db and the setup was taking more time than I was willing to give…

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Added a guide for Next.js - https://docs.cleavr.io/guides/next