Want to join our referral program?

Hey there! :wave:

We’ve implemented a referral / affiliate program that we are testing out and we’d appreciate your help to see if this will be a viable option for us.

If you’re interested, please feel free to sign up here:

What will you get out of it?

If you provide your custom affiliate link to your network, in whatever form that looks like, and if they convert to a paid subscription, then you will receive 20% of the payment (less any refunds). Payouts will be made monthly.

What are we looking for?

Our main motivation with offering the referral program is to empower customers, fans, partners, etc to help us spread Cleavr awareness.

For the program to be viable for us, we’re looking at:

  1. Sign ups - if we have enough people interested in being an affiliate
  2. Referral visits - if we see that affiliate links are generating enough traffic
  3. Conversions - if referrals are converting at a viable rate
  4. Generated revenue - if we get enough revenue that covers direct and indirect costs of running the program

We’ll run the program for a month or two and will see where we land.

Thanks so much for your support and for helping us spread the word about Cleavr! :grinning:



Not to earn money, simply just to spread Cleavr :heart:

My first step will be to put the link on all my customers webpages.

What do you prefer?

  • Hosting by Cleavr
  • Powered by Cleavr
  • Or something else

Awesome! :raised_hands:

In that context, we do have a ‘Deployed with Cleavr’ button you can use. Add a 'Deploy with Cleavr' button - Cleavr docs

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Well, i’m not sure what my customers will think of a button when it comes to design but a text link along side the copyright won’t be an issue.

To fit the Swedish language i think Published is better than Deployed (also not everyone knows the meaning of Deployed)

English: Published with Cleavr
Swedish: Publicerad med Cleaver

Any thoughts?

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A plain text link still sounds amazing to me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping spread the Cleavr :heart:!


We have been discussing a dedicated page “About this site” where we will present all “stuff under the hood”.

On this page i can probably use a button or even more text/ logos about Cleavr.

If this is happening i will get back to you about what content you prefere.


Adam, the Flash Deployment URL doesn’t work anymore. I guess this broke after the move to app.cleavr.io

Yes, the flash deployment is one thing we haven’t yet brought over from the previous version of Cleavr…

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The referral / affiliate program has been disbanded for the time being.

Unfortunately, the program hasn’t met the criteria we had to keep it around that would justify the cost of the service we were using. We’ll reevaluate the program in the future and will look at different options.

Thanks for understanding!