VPS OS and software updates


Just started to test cleavr.io yesterday, and I like it.
But is there (or is planned) a mechanism to keep the OS and installed software (mysql, nginx, etc.) on the VPS up to date, or do I have to take care about this on myself?
One think is to easy deploy my app. The other think is to keep all up to date and secure.
What is the way to do this? Is it easy to transfer an app to another server with actual OS version and up to date software versions?

Thanks Roman

Hello @romanw,

Welcome to the Cleavr forum and thanks for asking the question!

By default, we set security updates for the server to update automatically if they are set to ‘unattended’.

There is also the ability to enable the same for package updates that you can enable from Server > Danger Zone > Upgrade Settings tab.

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