Use old PHP versions

Maybe a strange title on this post but here is a example when i need an depricated PHP version like 5.6.

A customers call me and are in desparate help of getting their old Joomla or WP site working again. They have been ignoring the mandatory PHP update warnings and now their site has stoped working.

What i do then is move their old site to an server with an old PHP and the only whay i have solved this is with Plesk that still let’s me install old PHP.

This is of course only a temporary solution until i have time to build a new site.

So i wonder if it it possible to ad the possibility to ad an old PHP?

Of cource without any garantes security wise.

Hi Peter,

Good question! We don’t have plans to support installing older PHP versions from directly within Cleavr - but, you can always add an older version manually in the server…

sudo apt install -y php5.6

I’m assuming you’d then copy the files / database to the server?

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I get it. I will just manually do a setup.

Thanx anyway :slight_smile:

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No problem, sorry for the inconvenience!

Working with legacy systems is the best (said no one ever). :slight_smile:

No problem at all. I get that deprecated versions will only cause problem if implemented in Cleavr functions. :slight_smile: