Update servers manually or is it a way from Cleavr [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

I run on my local Ubuntu VM’s:

To check if there are any updates in Ubuntu

sudo apt list --upgradable

And if so do the updates

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

So, is this possible in Cleavr or do i have to do it manually in ssh?

Have a nice day

There is a way to set this in Cleavr. In server > danger zone > upgrade settings, we default to only automatically upgrading security items marked unattended; though you can set it to include non-security related package updates if you wish.

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Thank you @amiedema

This is great cause i’m not skilled enough to mess around in ssh :slight_smile:

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Hi Peter,
I do these updates always manually ones a month.
I need to update 6 server and every ~2 month there is always one strange issue you need solve.
The issues are random while all 6 servers are configured the same.