Understanding AdonisJs Deployment

Hi there,

I’m still quite new to understanding the devops side of things, so any help regarding the deployment process would be great.
I have my pipeline setup in bitbucket and I have a build step that creates the adonisjs build.

Within the cleavr copy step, it still copies over all the files and not the build folder. Is it better to run the build on the server instead?
Also, I cant seem to edit the deployment hooks, should I be creating my own instead?

Thanks for any assistance.

Hello @fried and welcome to the Cleavr forum!

For Bitbucket pipeline, we don’t have an integration with that process for Bitbucket. We do have an integration with the comparable process with GitHub Actions. Meaning, for Bitbucket Cleavr will attempt to copy the files and then build on the server.

For the deployment hooks, you cannot edit the pre-existing deployment hooks. However, you can disable deployment hooks (with the exception of copy and activate) and create custom deployment hooks if you need something different.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply.
I managed to get it deployed successfully by adding custom hooks for all the steps except copy. It was pretty cool seeing that happening. :smiley:

In the future I’ll take a look at migrating over to github if the process is easier.

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