Unable to migrate from Laravel forge to Cleavr due to php version support

I signed up for a trial account yesterday. I started migration of all clients server to Cleavr. I migrated 3-4 projects but there are 2 more projects that are running on php7.1. On Cleavr minimum version is 7.2. I tried to setup project with php 7.2 but composer installation failed every time. Please help me on this. I wanted to migrate all projects in trial period so I can start a subscription.

Hello Yash,

First of all, welcome to Cleavr Forum.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We can install PHP 7.1 directly on the server, however, this may cause other issues with deployments and assigning the correct PHP version to the site. And, we do not have plans to support older versions of PHP at the moment.

The best option here would be to figure out how to make the site work on PHP 7.2.

We understand the urgency of your situation and we will do our best to help you with any further issues or questions you may have. If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Actually the project is very old and the code base is very messy. I am working on it’s newer version. Until then I have to make it working. I purchased laravel forge but it’s eating my all savings. I have been looking for a better alternative but now I stuck with php version. :pensive:

Hello Yash,

Sorry to hear about that. We will get back to you if we come across any ideas or solutions to resolve your issue.

By the way, I have extended your trial by one month so that you’ll have plenty of time to migrate your projects and play around.

Okay, thank you so much.

Hi Anish,

After several deletion and creation of the project I am able to configure the project with php 7.1 version. Thank you for extending the trial period for a month. In between I have learned that how the cleavr setup the websites on server and how they are structured. I wasn’t the huge fan of cleavr deployment file structure but now things have changed, now I loving it. I find out so many interesting things that I can’t do with Laravel Forge. However some of the features are missing from Laravel forge like Pause the Cron Jobs and one click restore of database backup that I uses mostly. I hope those features will be there in future. Very soon I will be a permanent pro user. And cleavr will be the first recommendation to my colleagues and clients. Thank you for the help and cooperation. Hope I will get the similar support in future.

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