Turned off server is shown as running

I turned off the server in the hetzner cloud console, but cleavr showed it as running. I startet “check status” manually then the ssh status changed to inactive, but the overview shows “running”. Also the sites are showing “running” and “active”.

btw is there a more detailed doc or an example for process monitoring? What to put in command? Can I configure a notifiaction when a servers gets unavailable?

The doc for process monitoring is here Process Monitors - Cleavr docs. This is for creating process monitors to watch over processes and keep them alive. Examples being in Laravel you can add process monitors for things such as queue and the job of the process monitor is to make sure the queue stays alive and will attempt to restart if down. This isn’t the same as server monitoring and alerts.

For server and site monitoring, we’re working on a tool called Doneo.io, where you can set server and endpoint monitoring that will notify you if something goes down. It’s in beta mode now, you can sign up here Register if you’d like to try it out. We ultimately plan to utilize some of the learnings from doneo into Cleavr over time.