Transition to Cleavr 2.0 Info - coming September 15th!

We will migrate any un-migrated account to the new Cleavr 2.0 on September 15th.

New registrations and logging into Cleavr

All new account registrations will now sign up directly to Cleavr 2.0 (

On, we’ll have two login links to choose from.

Cleavr 1.0 ( is for existing subscribers to log into their current account.

Cleavr 2.0 ( is for new trial users and subscribers that registered on Cleavr 2.0. If you are a 1.0 user, you can log into 2.0 to check out what’s new; however, some things may not be functional until you migrate to 2.0 - which is mainly initiating backups and GitHub Actions deployments.

Existing Subscribers

We will soon offer a migration button so that current subscribers can opt into migrating to Cleavr 2.0 when they are comfortable. However, this will be a temporary offering and we will transition all subscribers fully at some point - in which, we will make subscribers aware of when we plan to make the full switch.

For existing subscribers, when interacting with Cleavr 2.0, the main things that will not work properly until migration are prompting a backup as well as GitHub Action deployments for a website.


Cache and Deployment Hooks

If you use the cache or deployment hooks in any external operations, you will need to update the hook for them to continue to work.

Examples may be:

  • Using the deployment hook in a CD/CI operation (note - if you use GitHub Actions via Cleavr, this will already be taken care of as part of the migration)
  • Using the clear cache hook in Cleavr WordPress Plugin - you’ll need to get the updated hook and update the URL in the plugin settings
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You may migrate to the new Cleavr 2.0 before the September 15th cutover date at any time. :partying_face:

Please see the instructions below to migrate early if you’d like. Also, see the FAQ for some additional important info.

To migrate

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the Get Started link in the banner that appears on the header
  3. Click on Switch


What will this do?

This will run a script to update a couple of callback URLs that are used for backups and GitHub Action deployments.

Is there anything I need to do after my account is migrated?

If you use the clear cache webhook (from site > cache) or the deployment trigger webhook (from web app > settings > basic tab) in outside processes, then you’ll want to update the webhook references as the URL will change. This includes the clear cache webhook in the Cleavr WordPress Plugin.

Can I still use Cleavr 1.0 if I migrate early?

Yes! Though, as mentioned, backups and GitHub Actions will be configured to work with 2.0. However, you can still continue to use Cleavr 1.0 if you’d like until we shut Cleavr 1.0 down on September 15th.

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Is this also related to the Clear cache plugin for WordPress?

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Yes, this does include the WordPress Plugin.

So I need to update the URL for all the sites I’m using the plugin?
You know that I’m the only user :frowning: Check the plugin stats, the 60+ are installed on my customer’s websites…
Why is this URL completely changed?

The URLs will need to be updated. We’re changing the root domain to as we’re separating the marketing site from the app. Also, the URI is changing as we rebuilt the backend on a better tech stack and unfortunately that means redirecting the old request URL to the new one isn’t a simple task…

Right now, the cleavr 1.0 and 2.0 hooks will both work to clear the cache but the 1.0 hook will stop working once we fully move to 2.0.

I started changing the URL yesterday. It takes several minutes for each site, so it’s a lot of work.
What is the worst thing that kan happen if I don’t update them on time?
The cache isn’t cleared via the plugin anymore, right? Most of the sites that having the plugin are static and never change during the year…
So I could pick this up during the following update.

The default cache setting we set for FastCGI is to keep valid for 60 mins.

fastcgi_cache_valid 200 60m;

So worst case, a visitor might get a cached view of a page that was very recently updated.

Thanks, that is what I thought. I updated the most important sites and the others will follow during the next maintenance round.

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Cleavr 2.0 is now, simply, Cleavr!! :tada:

We’ve officially switched Cleavr to the latest and greatest.

Big shout out to everyone that helped beta test the new Cleavr and provided your awesome insights as well as pointing out all of the bugs. We couldn’t have done it without your active, and passionate, support! :pray:

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