Tenant features: Domains & Subdomains

I’m building a multi-tenant SaaS app and I’m considering hosting it on Cleavr. However, I haven’t found a way yet to create tenants’ domains or subdomains and Nginx config programmatically. This feature is provided by Ploi as featured here. Is there a way to achieve the same on this platform?

Hello @detygon and welcome to the Cleavr forum!

Thats a great question and thanks for giving some info on what you are trying to accomplish and what Ploi offers as a reference!

We don’t currently have a an API available. However, I feel like this similar request has come up in the past and maybe it’s about time for us to offer something for these types of use cases. If you don’t mind, can you share some additional details of the essentials of what you are needing?

Sure ! Thank you for your quick answer. As I said I’m building a multi-tenant SaaS. I offer custom domains as a premium feature. Here is what I need:

  • Be able to create domains (domain aliases) on Cleavr from my code

  • Each tenant has the ability to get its own custom NGINX configuration

  • Each tenant has its own certificate

  • Receive a Webhook indicating if the SSL certificate has been issued successfully or not