Take control of installed services

When Cleaver provisions a server for you, in addition to services (environments) that you opt to have installed (PHP, JRE, db, etc), Cleaver also installs other standard services as a part of the provisioning process.

The Services tab under your server is where you can find the list of installed services as well as additional services that you may choose to install on your server.

How the services section helps you!

  1. If you forgot to install a dependency for your website or app during initial provision, you can install the required service here

  2. Stop / Start / Refresh a service - if you’ve seen the IT Crowd, or just have been in IT for a minute, you know the power of turning it off and on again. If you need to stop / start / refresh a service for whatever reason, this is the place to do it. Such as, nginx can be finnicky sometimes and a good ol’ refresh of nginx often solves hiccups.

  3. Set advanced configurations for PHP and nginx. PHP defaults are pretty low and oftentimes, you need to pump up the juice a bit to get things done. You can increase default configs by click on the wrench icon for a service.

Up next for services, we’ll add more config capabilities for services and add some additional advanced settings for nginx.

If there is anything else you’d expect to see from the services section, let us know here! :hear_with_hearing_aid:

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Hello @amiedema How to remove unused installed services? I have initially installed PHP 7.4, but then I install 7.2 just to test something, and stopped it after that. How to remove that PHP 7.2 from the installed services list?

We don’t currently have a way to uninstall services from Cleaver. Though, that is something we’re considering.