Suggestion: See what Web Apps belong to a Site

I haven’t yet myself found a use-case where a site will have multiple web apps. But I’m sure there is a reason why these are separate concerns. On thing I think would be really useful however, is to see what webapp belongs to which site. That is easy on the web app interface because the name of the site reflects the URL.

But I have found myself deleting “Apps” that I no longer need, not realising I’m not clearing out the “Site” too. Now I’m finding myself going back and forth seeing which “Site” doesn’t have any “Apps” because the interface gives no information on how many apps it has, and what apps it has. I think this would be a good quality of life upgrade if you could see that here.


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Hi @Tom ,

Don’t know if this is any helpful to you but a use tags to filter out my different apps belonging to a project/server.

Have a nice day.

Hi @peterc

Thanks, I’m referring to the site interface, not the web app interface.


That’s a good suggestion! We can consider making the site list rows expand to show more details, including which webapps are associated to a site.



We’ve just deployed a new change that lists web apps associated with a site upon expanding the site row. Also, you can click on the web app name to navigate to the web app page.