Strapi v3 shows deployed properly but encounter bad gateway


I’ve recently been trying to deploy Strapi v3 CRM for one of my apps but it shows that it successfully deployed and also shows pm2 as ruuning.

However when i go to visit the site – it immediately just says bad gateway == it just seem not to start at all.

Please help


Karlo M.

Hello @Karlomac01,

Here is a troubleshooting guide for NodeJS apps NodeJS Deployments Troubleshooting - Cleavr docs

For Strapi, the first thing I’d suggest is to look at the server > services > NodeJS heartbeat to see if there is any hints in the PM2 logs.

Strapi 502 errors are often due to start file not found, port in use, or db connection issue.

You can also try restarting NodeJS from services and see if it just needs a restart.

Hopefully the above helps but please let us know if not and include any log info that may be useful.