Strapi images not link after upload and database import


I’ve import my database into Cleavr for my strapi deployment. After that I upload the pictures into the upload directory. But it doesn’t link…

Hi @tombaboon,

I think the issue is something around the monorepo setup. Such as, I see the public folder in the root folder but I believe it should be under /backend.

Try changing the File Upload Path in web app > settings > build to backend/public/uploads and then redeploy.

Wooow! It works!! Thankyou

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Hi @amiedema

When I delpoy now again. I have an issue with link the media files. It is not permitted. When I take a look with the terminal I see that the files are uploaded as root user. Can you help me with it?

Hello @tombaboon,

Here is a related discussion Error moving the upload folder to new deployed folder - #6 by ashokgelal

Make sure you change the webapp name to your webapp name. In your case it will be dev-baboon...

@anish It works! my media folder is this: /home/cleavr/ Maybe that has something to do with it?