Strapi: how to update schema without resetting the app?

I’m trying to use Strapi with Cleavr. Deployment is fine, fast and easy to understand. The problem is that I don’t know how to update the schema. Usually when I use Strapi I update the API, then push the updated code to github, then redeploy and get an updated version of the CMS without losing data. But it is not the case with Cleavr: when I launch Strapi after a new deployment, I can’t find any data anymore. And since I don’t know how to access directly to the database, I don’t know if the data was erased or if the connection was lost - or if another database was created… I’m in a total blackout (and a bit in despair to find back the data I transferred).
Thanks for your reply

I was able to connect to the pg database and I realize that the tables were not created, meaning that there is no connection with Strapi. I thought it would be ensured just by setting the env and omitted to fill the strapi/databases.js part.


Ah, gotcha! I was just about to ask what database you were using and about the config.

I’m glad you caught the issue!

Welcome to the Cleavr community by the way. :grinning: