Storage Full on Backup via SFTP

Hey there!

It seems our backups stopped working because the storage box is full.

Any plans on “cycling” through the backups and therefore make space after a certain amount of backups?

Any advice on how to solve this right now?

Thank you for you help!


Hello @sebbler,

From Server < Backups, you can specify to clean backup files older than certain days while creating/updating a backup (Available for local backups). Setting this up will run the cleaning job every mid-night and clean the backup files older than certain days.

I think you’ve already tried it out, if not do give it a try so that you’ll not have to face storage issue because of old back up files again.

To solve it right now, you’ll have to SSH into the server and get rid of some of the old backup files.

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Thank you for your help.

It seems i can only backup via sftp if i’m not mistaken here.

So there is no possibility for me to clean the backups via sftp (which is the way we set up the backups)?

Thank you for your fast response!

Hello @sebbler,

I think you can do something like this: in your host server you can create a cron job that runs every midnight and clears the old backup files.

Do let me know if you need the script.

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@anish Thank you! Saw you guys added something similar to the docs now.