Stack at Build Assets

Hello there,

I really love Cleavr service so far. but i am unable to deploy my express app to DO.
I followed the guide, but the app get stack at Build Assets (Running), with no logs.
Any help ?
It would be great if you can show logs while running/building.

Hi @zeroone, welcome to the Cleavr forum!

Is the deployment getting stuck as in it endlessly runs on the build step or does it stop and show error? Also, does your app require build (such as, does the package.json file script section have build defined)?

You can enable live deployment logs in the Web App > Settings > Basic tab. :slightly_smiling_face:


This has helped me solve some issues so i can recommend it :+1:

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Looking at the live logs, it looks like the app is running on port 4000. But Build Assets stays in state Running for hours.

Is port 4000 the one you want to use? If not check env settings.

I found some issues on DO with port being “already in use” but no message about this in Cleavr log. After some digging in DO logs i found it.

The port problem i solved by restarting my DO server.

Maybe you have done all this and are much more skilled than me and if so i apologize , don’t mean to offend you.

What does the build script look like in the package.json file?