SSL on Domain Alias

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How would I add an SSL certificate on a domain alias for previewing before going live without the primary domain pointing to the server already?

Problem is: SSL certificate issuing is erroring out because the primary domain does not point to the server yet (which is intended).

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That’s a really good question!

The only way I can think of from the Cleavr UI is to create another site using the alias domain as the primary and set it as a staging site and the copy ‘prod to staging’.

Otherwise, you could do it manually from the server terminal (or from Cleavr as a quick command / script). However, if you do that then you’ll need to remember to go to /root/ and remove the cert once you add the cert for the primary domain so that it doesn’t interfere with renewals.

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@amiedema Thank you for your response. Yeah that would probably be a solution.

Just curious: Why do we have the option to add multiple SSL certificates in Cleavr UI when it’s always adding the primary domain to it? I wonder about the use case.

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When adding alternate domains, we need to create a whole new cert that includes primary domain and all alternates.

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