Spaces in Site-Titles

Hey there,

it seems that spaces in site titles lead to errors when deploying:

Maybe we need to restrict to no spaces allowed or find a workaround here?



Seems i messed it up as i thought the name would not be the domain. Maybe restrict input field to no spaces or check for domain validity? Does that make sense?

Do i now have to delete the site and add my web apps again to rename it? (please not)

Hi @sebbler, I just want to make sure I have the correct repro steps. You were able to add a non-domain name for the site when you used the Rename Site feature, correct?

That’s a bug then, it should throw a validation error like it does when initially adding the site. Thanks for the heads up!


I used a free domain name when creating the site. Afterwards i renamed the site from the menu shown above.

Hope that helps!

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