Site with ERROR status when it is running normally

I deployed my NestJS api for my custom server (contabo), in the first moment, i got a error because of my env configuration, but after i fix that and I deployed again. Success! All working fine… but in dashboard, the status of site it’s showing with this error:

The deployment is showing status OK.

I’m not having problems with application, but it’s to report this situation that does’t seem normal to me.


Hello @giovannefc,

Welcome to the Cleavr forum! I checked your site and it does look like it is working normally. I’ve updated the status so you should no longer see the error.

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Hello Adam.

Thank you for the quick reply and solution.

Taking the opportunity to leave a suggestion for adding NestJS (officially) for webapps and Contabo for servers.

Congratulations on the great job! You are getting better!

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