Site Renaming - Everything get's changed except the SymLink on the server

Hi there,

i just found out, that if you rename a site and not do a new deployment there is a problem with the symlink in the folders.

current & latest still point to instead of the new renamed site.

Could you check if this is added to your renaming script? :slight_smile:

p.s. i’m sorry if me and my work buddy am using your app a bit harder atm and finding issues or have feature requests.

But your app works awesome <3 And we hope we can help improve it with our work.

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Hello @Houbsi,

We’re more than happy to fix issues that arise as well as implement new features that are important for our users. And we’re glad that you’re finding Cleavr awesome.

We’ll look into the issue with renaming the free domain feature and get back to you.

Thank you for pointing out the issue.