Site not available after deployment

hey there,

i think i reported this issue at least once. But it seems the error is still there / has come back:

The site renders unaccessible after a successfull deployment for the first time a user visits the site.

When reloading, the error goes away.

here’s the error page I’m talking about:

PM2 Logs:

Happens on:

Any idea what’s happening?

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It seems the error does not occur on every deployment / or not immediately after deployment (which lead to other causes then deployment)…


Is it intended to not have logs specific for the webapp?

Hello @sebbler,

Is the issue related with getting 502 after deployement? I remember your support request about 502 after deployment and having to refresh PM2. If the issue is same, we’ve released some new updates around NodeJS based applications and you can check the release notes.

As far as the webapp logs is concerned, you should be able to see the logs (if there are any). We use logs fetched from PM2 to show logs in the webapp logs page.

[Updated] If you update PM2 Ecosystem config from Webapp > Settings > Build, we re-start the application on the next deployment which may cause your app to stop responding for a few seconds.

When i got this error it was my .env file that were gone.

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Not sure if is related to be honest… I think the error screen is coming from nuxt itself.

The application might be trying to connect to an API and maybe fails here. Maybe the API has problems.

But this is where logs would be useful.

So there are no logs by default and only if errors occur or what do you mean?

Thank you all for your suggestions and help. Appreciate it!

Yes, webapp logs are for individual webapp and it’ll show the logs only if there are any associated with the app (If you’re using any logger to log the error/message, or when there are certain app level errors).

There are few more places where you can check the logs:

  • In the deployment details page, click View PM2 Logs
  • In the server > logs > select PM2 Logs
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