Site isolation, PostgreSQL, server users, and more coming soon!

Maybe you saw @ashokgelal’s tweet yesterday and are wondering what I am testing…

Well, he did indeed give me quite a bit to test! :sweat_smile:

Here is what’s coming out very soon!

  • PostgreSQL support
  • Site isolation - this will allow you to create sites and apply them to a certain system user. This increases security measures and is perfect for those that provide managed hosting services and want to give some access to customers without giving them too much access.
  • Option to install server monitoring during provisioning; we also fixed a bug of sorts that allowed users to enable server monitoring before the server was even finished provisioning :scream:
  • yarn prod now available as a standard deployment hook so that you can more easily build assets on prod during deployment
  • We’ve also added the release path automatically when you create a new deployment hook so all you need to do is add the rest of your script (or remove release path if that’s not applicable)
  • We found and squashed quite a few small UI and UX issues

Quite a bit to test, but super excited to get these out for you to use!

Up next, one of our main focuses will be to provide tips throughout that will help you get started quicker as well as we will be creating a deployment failed report with some tips to help resolve common deployment issues that you might run across.

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Now available!

There are quite a few updates with this release, check out the full release log here.

Let us know what you think and if you run across any issues.