SFTP Root access to edit/delete files via FileZilla or WINSCP

I created a server through Cleaver Cloud; how can I have root access via SFTP and edit/delete server files via FileZilla/WinSCP?

It depends on the FTP app that you are using but basically you need to do this:

  1. Add public part of an SSH key to the server via Cleaver. This key, right now, adds the key under user cleaver
  2. You can now use the private part of the above key to login from a terminal:
  3. Once login you can switch to a root user: sudo su

This is from a terminal but the step should be same for logging in from a client.

Something to keep in mind:

For security reason, we disable logging in with password that’s why you need a SSH key. In future we could allow an easier way to add FTP users with passwords so that you don’t have to use a key. If you like to have this feature, please submit a feature request so that we can track it.