SFTP-Backup doesn't reach the server

Hey all,

i just added a SFTP Profile and want to make a Backup from a Database.

In cleavr is a success message, but the server is still empty, are there any log? How can i check what happens?


Hey @Tobi,

We’ll look into the issue and get back to you.

Thank you.

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Hello @Tobi,

Can you please let me know your email associated with Cleavr?

Thank you.

Could you find the problem? I sent you a pm with the mail.

Hello @Tobi ,

Can you please try updating your backup job with a destination path, re-run the backup and see if you can find your backup files?

Thank you

Still does not work, i tried following destinations:


also i created the folder test manually.

Hmmm…weird. This is probably stupid but can you try something like /root/backups also can you double check your SSH key?