Servers stuck at provisioning

Hello there!
Recently we had a couple of problems while provisioning servers to AWS that lead to servers stuck at “Provisioning” status for the last few days:

The first one got stuck since the provisioning started, it never showed any errors messages but also never moved forward from “Provisioning” status. Tnd the second did show an Error 500 modal a few seconds after provisioning started.

If we try to delete these servers from the Danger Zone we always get the Error 500 popup window and the servers don’t get removed from the list. Looking into AWS console we could verify that there are no server active for these two stuck at Provisioning.

After provisioning failed for both servers we did a second try with exactly the same settings and everything worked fine.

Is there any way to remove the stuck servers from our list?


Hi @abolo,

Thanks for reporting the issue! We’ll investigate why this may have happened and how we can improve handling.

I removed the problem servers from your list.