Server monitoring

Server monitoring is coming soon! Here is a sneak peak. :eyes:

If you’d like to enable server monitoring on one of your servers, you can one-click install Netdata server monitoring onto the selected server as well as view charts within Cleaver. This is just the beginning of server monitoring. In the future, we’ll work on alerts. :rotating_light:


Server monitoring is now available on Cleaver!

To use, you must first have a server provisioned. Server monitoring works with all providers except AWS at this time. Also, there is no guarantee custom servers will work 100%, but let us know if you try a custom VPS and what the results are.

  1. On the main menu, select Monitoring
  2. Select the server you’d like to install monitoring on from the dropdown list and then select Enable Monitoring
  3. Monitoring will be installed on your server and will take between 3 - 5 minutes to fully install
  4. Once installation is complete, you’ll have an array of beautiful graphs to look to view real-time activity

Let us know what you think and if there is anything missing.