Server inactive and not clickable after resizing at Hetzner

I’ve logged in at Hetzner, stopped the server, rescaled it and restarted it. But ever since this action I can’t enter the server in Clear anymore. is the ip, I can’t click it and see more because the status is INACTIVE

i already rebooted the server but with no success.

I can’t find any manual on what to do when a server is INACTIVE. I can connect with ssh

There was a quick fix for me to continue, search site, edit the site on that server en than click back to server, no i am in

but the overview of servers stil states INACTIVE for this particular server.

Hello @yuluma,

Could you perform a health check of the server by clicking on the icon next to the server’s status and then checking the status?

Hello @yuluma,

On a side note, if resizing causes the public IP to change, then in Cleavr, go to Server > Danger Zone > Server Info, and update the public IP accordingly.

done that several times but without succes

also checked at Hetzner, and the ip didn’t change

Hello @yuluma,

The server’s status should be updated to active now.

It seems there are some issues with the health check for Hetzner servers. We’ll look into it and get them fixed as soon as possible.

thank you very mucho for the solution!

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I have done this many times before, never had this problem. There must be something “not normal”.