Server inactive and not clickable after resizing at Hetzner

I’ve logged in at Hetzner, stopped the server, rescaled it and restarted it. But ever since this action I can’t enter the server in Clear anymore. is the ip, I can’t click it and see more because the status is INACTIVE

i already rebooted the server but with no success.

I can’t find any manual on what to do when a server is INACTIVE. I can connect with ssh

There was a quick fix for me to continue, search site, edit the site on that server en than click back to server, no i am in

but the overview of servers stil states INACTIVE for this particular server.

Hello @yuluma,

Could you perform a health check of the server by clicking on the icon next to the server’s status and then checking the status?

Hello @yuluma,

On a side note, if resizing causes the public IP to change, then in Cleavr, go to Server > Danger Zone > Server Info, and update the public IP accordingly.

done that several times but without succes

also checked at Hetzner, and the ip didn’t change

Hello @yuluma,

The server’s status should be updated to active now.

It seems there are some issues with the health check for Hetzner servers. We’ll look into it and get them fixed as soon as possible.

thank you very mucho for the solution!

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I have done this many times before, never had this problem. There must be something “not normal”.

Hi @anish yesterday updated a server and rescaled it through Hetzner and again the server is inactive, tried everything during the day (refreshing) but with no success

Hello @yuluma,

I tested the health check feature on other Hetzner servers, and they reported the status correctly.

As @finalwebsites mentioned, there may be another underlying issue. Could you please verify the status of the server directly on Hetzner?

is the server working? Or just not responsible via Cleavr?

Hi @anish ,

The status at Cleavr is:

The status at Hetzner is a red dot (i may not post two printscreens here :wink:

The server is online. This happened after I updated the server, rebooted it and rescaled it.

We CAN visit the server by going to the websites on in in Cleavr and then hit ‘Back to server’ :wink:

This is the printscreen of Hetzner

Hello @yuluma,

I successfully rescaled a Hetzner server by following these steps:

  1. Powered off the server via the Hetzner dashboard.
  2. Selected a different plan from the Rescale tab and initiated the rescaling process.

Although I can change the server’s status to active, we continue to encounter issues with each health check.

After the operation was successful, I checked the status. Both the SSH and physical statuses were reported as active in Cleavr.

Could you confirm if you performed any additional steps beyond those specified?

Hi Anish,

The only difference is that I also as root run the command ‘reboot now’ after an apt-update / apt-upgrade

best regard,

Yes, finally found what is causing this.

As soon as you move servers within Hetzner to a different project than your first project your server wil become INACTIVE in Cleavr.

We’ve moved all our servers back to the first project and now all servers are ACTIVE again.


Makes sense, every project in the Hetzner Cloud has own API Keys.

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