Run Custom Commands (ie. Ace Commands)

It would be cool to run my seeders via the interface - for now I can use SSH to trigger that.

Hi @five-guys, welcome to the forum!

You can accomplish that by adding a deployment hook in the web app section.

This article has an example of adding a custom deployment hook to run a db seed command for an Adonis API I built.

tl;dr -
add this as a deployment hook

cd {{ releasePath }}
node ace db:seed

My use case is only to run this once - so a deployment hook is a bit overkill. I’m glad that’s an option though! :slight_smile:

That’s true! Deployment hooks can also be turn on/off as well; since we anticipate some will be circumstantial.

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Hello @five-guys,

We’ve released a feature Quick Commands which allows you to run commands easily and quickly.

Let us know what you think about the feature.

Thank you.

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Quick Commands documentation found here:

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