Resolved site path restriction issues


your latest release notes mention that this feature is fixed for WordPress and JS sites.
How about this issue?

I did it already a test and it seems okay, but I remember me that was an issue too (that it sometimes works and sometimes not).

Hi @finalwebsites - have you ran into any instances where it’s not working? Anything you can think of that maybe we can use for repro steps so that we can test more on our side to ensure it’s working consistently?

We appreciate your help as always!

Yesterday I uploaded an old website (PHP site) where one directory need to be protected.
I added a login/password for this directory and the protection is not working.
Maybe this helps:
It’s working with Firefox and Safari, but not with Google Chrome (tried incognito mode too)
This is what I meant “that it works and sometimes not”.

I changed the directory name and the function is working. Also using a different login name helps sometime. I’m not sure what it is, but it doesn’t feen safe. Never had this problems with Apache :frowning:

Next I renamed the directory again (new name) and created the login, opened a new incognito tab in chrome and the directory wasn’t protected.

I found out that it’s working. It’s just Google Chrome.
It seems even if you open a page ones and protect the page afterwards, you don’t need to enter the credentials. The session is stored in your chrome profile and is also valid on a different computer where you use the same chrome profile. Really strange that Chrome is acting this way. I’m using the same folder protection on servers with apache and there you need to authenticate for every new session.

The is weird; considering this is server-side restrictions.

That’s why I thought it’s not working :slight_smile: