Resized the server on DO but details are still old on Cleavr

I imagine this really doesn’t have any effect on Cleavr, but I’ve extended the my server as I read 2 vCPU’s are much better for Cleavr and I should expect a great performance improvement with that. I’ve resized my Droplet but Cleavr is still showing the old details. Is this something I can safely ignore or is there a way to update Cleavr without losing any of my data?

This doesn’t impact anything on the app side. Right now Cleavr uses this for informational purpose only. We do have plans to do few things with it in the future but we will also provide a way to sync/update these values on the app side once we start using those values.

So, yes, you can safely ignore for now and in future you will be able to safely update as well :slight_smile:

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