Quickscripts for WP CLI


today I checked the different example scripts and I was wondering if this featiure will work for WP CLI too.
I know it’s a bit difficult to run WP CLI commands via cron jobs (because of the execution path). What if you change the directory for the user is this possible via a bash script?

Feature suggestion(s):
You can define a user and site name field. Is it possible to make these fields dynamic and fill the with the values from that server?

Any plans for an option to run a quickscript while creating a site?

Tbh - we haven’t tried this an aren’t certain…

You can add in custom variables using curly brackets - ie, {{ ... }}. Though, these you’d need to fill in when you run the script. For more dynamic variables, we could add some system variables such as site, users, and such and make them dropdown selections at the time the script is ran - so that you won’t have to remember what the different options are to fill in a free-text field. Is that kinda what you’re looking to do or do you have any other thoughts?

That would be a great idea.

These scripts are always executed as the site user or as the Cleavr user?
It’s important to know which “home” directory is the current one.