Quickscript Run as "cleavr" running as root


I just wanted to use Quickscript.

Unfortunately one feature does not work in the Quickscript "Run as"Dialog.

If i choose “cleavr” as user, it runs as “root”
If i choose “root” as user, it runs as “root”

If you need anything, i’ll gladly help.

Thanks for letting us know! I’ll investigate further and let you know if I have questions.

A fix for this has been released! Please let me know if you run into the issue again.


Thanks, seams to be fixed.
But in the Server list for execution, all Server get the same IP on the right side.
After i used a server all IP’s change to that server.

This problem wasn’t there before. I don’t know if your fix had something to do with it.


Also if I use {{ runAs}} But the default is the cleavr User, the Variable still shows “root”.

But the Script is executed as “cleavr” so that works!

We treated the original bug as a critical bug so we wanted to fix that asap. Since the release, we have fixed the other issue as well. Please let us know if it is resolved for you or not. Thanks a lot for reporting these issues :pray:

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