Queue Management using Super Visor

First off, Just want to appreciate the team’s effort in delivering new updates and features in such a short period of time! You guys rock!

Just want to ask if there are any plans in supporting queue management from the admin just like what Laravel Forge does?

It is very convenient to start or restart queues from the admin. Honestly this is the only thing that is preventing me from fully recommending Cleavr from my employer since we rely heavily on queues.

Hi @ikristher

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the :heart:!

I believe you are referring to Forge’s Daemons section? The equivalent in Cleavr is the Process Monitor section under a server.

I do like how Forge has the ability to stop / start / view logs for a process - they do seem useful and convenient as you mention. We’ll add your request to our backlog! :+1:

Are there any other features you think would make Cleavr even more killer?

Never thought Laravel Daemon exist haha but the Process monitor is the closest thing I am looking for.

But actually, I am referring to the queue section for the website. I think this feature is specific to Laravel. It would be a great addition especially to Laravel Developers

Thank you so much

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Looks similar to process monitors, but with the command broken out to form inputs to make setup a bit more easier and more specific to Laravel Queues as you mentioned.

You Guys Rock! Waiting for more features to be added soon!

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We’re itching at getting Cleavr 2.0 out. It’s mainly us moving Cleavr to a new everything (backend and frontend) but we’ve improved a ton of little things along the way. So, it will feel the same in a lot of ways, but also better in many ways. :wink: