Quasar V2 and Vite

Hi guys,

Starting to play with Quasar V2 and there is a lot of buzzing around Vite instead of Webpack.

I wonder if Cleavr can handle Vite or maybe Vite is only used in development and has nothing to do with Cleavr?

I also wonder about Yarn. As Cleavr uses npm i have always choosed npm but Quasar recommend using yarn so i wonder if i could use Yarn and then Cleavr?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

We have been using Vite for a looooong time in all our projects and we can’t recommend it enough. It is fast is an understatement :slight_smile:

Usually, configuring Vite and making sure it works comes down to how the project has been setup, esp. with asset URLs, copying assets, etc. and not Cleavr itself. As long as there is like “build” (or similar) scripts in the package.json file, Cleavr should be able to handle it either out of the box or with little bit of tweaking.

Regarding yarn vs npm, Cleavr is actually, ahem…, clever about what to use as far as all the built-in hooks are concerned. If it finds a yarn.lock file, it uses yarn otherwise it falls back to npm by default. Both npm and yarn are also installed by default when nodejs is installed so you can pick whatever you like.

And just for the record, for all our projects, we only use npm with our projects exclusively and it has served as well so far.

Anyway, give Vite a try in one of your test projects and if you need help, you know it, we are always here to help and give our best :slight_smile:


@ashokgelal thank you so much,

I will stick to npm as i understand it’s okay to use.

I will use Vite in Quasar. I find it superfast i was just worried i would get into problems using it over webpack.

Have a nice day :slight_smile: