Quasar V.1 and Node V.18

Hi guys,

I run Quasar V.1 on a Node v:14 server and all is good but i tryed to run Quasar V.1 on an Node V.18 server and ran into build problems.

This is not a problem, i was just testing but i can’t find any warnings about Node 18 and the older Quasar so i just wonder if any of you have ran into this?

I run Quasar V.2 on Node 18 without any problem so all is good.

Have a nice day.

Hello @peterc,

It appears you have experienced incompatibility issues with Quasar V1 on NodeJS 18.

If you would still like to use this combination for your application, please send us a private message with more details about your server and site so we can investigate further and see if we can be of any assistance.

thank you for answering @anish

No, this is not a problem cause in my Quasar V2 project i will run Node 18 (or Node 20 if it will be in production when i’m done)

Have a nice day.