Problem with Load Balancer

I’m building a load balancer with two servers plus the load balancer server.
First I set up the two servers that will be balanced, I add the site, I add the domains, I generate the SSL.

Afterwards, I follow the video tutorial to assemble the LoadBalancer, I deploy it and they appear working by the individual domain, but when I access the load balancer, I get an error of too many redirections 301 that redirects to the same domain as the loadbalancer.
Did I do something wrong?

Hello @galegobr01,

We’ll look into the matter and get back to you.

In the mean time, can you also check our documentation: Load Balancer - Cleavr docs

Also, did you follow this video Setting up a Load Balancer with Cleavr - YouTube ?

Yes, I did exactly like him, just changing to Laravel in the options.

Hello @galegobr01,

Did you remove your Load Balancer setup? We wanted to have a look at it to figure out what may have gone wrong.