Problem with create a new custom server

Hello everyone!
I have a problem creating a custom server. I don’t quite understand what IP I need to enter in the input field when creating a custom server.
That is, where can I get this IP address if I don’t have third-party servers on the server?

Hello @Dmitrya,

First of all welcome to Cleavr Forum.

It is required to have a server on a VPS Provider to provision a server on Cleavr. Or you need to have an account on a VPS provider.

You need to provide the IP address of the server you are trying to provision.

Here are links that might be helpful to you:

Custom server: Custom Servers - Cleavr docs

Integrated server providers: Provision Servers - Cleavr docs

Hello Anish! @anish
I want to clarify. I don’t have my own server, and I don’t have VPS. How can I create a server on your resource in this case?
Or does your service not provide server creation if I do not use third party servers?
I want to clarify, I need to create a server with a choice of its power, the amount of traffic and other similar criteria. Can your service provide such services?

Hello @Dmitrya,

We don’t provide servers on our own at the moment.

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@anish Thank you very much for your answer! Have a good day!

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