[POLL] What notification profiles do you want cleavr to add?

Hello guys,

I saw we have two systems to send notifications to web hooks.

  • Slack
  • Discord

Is there any way to integrate custom webhook receivers?

Because In my organization, we use Cliq (Zoho Cliq) as the internal communication system. It’s easy for us. And we can configure webhooks for channels also.

So if we have a method to configure Cleavr to send system notifications to them, that would be great.


I love this suggestion!

In a way, I’m a bit surprised we don’t get more requests for adding notification channels.

I’m curious what notification channels people are most wanting!

What notification channel(s) should Cleavr add?

  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Rocket chat
  • Pushover
  • Zoho Cliq
  • Add your own custom notification hook

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