PM2 throws port already in use error when nuxt ssr deploy

When I deploy my nuxt ssr app, pm2 throws error at below:

Ekran görüntüsü 2021-10-02 182803

Application still online and I can connect to my website but this shouldn’t be normal right? How can I solve that problem? I tried manually change the port but didn’t work.

It may be that PM2 just needs a refresh. This can be done in the deployment section by clicking on the refresh / restart option.

Sorry for late respond. I tried restart multiple times, also tried deploy it again, but issue still occurs. And error continues like that:

Is there still an issue? I see the 200 codes and I can see the site render at Not that there couldn’t be other issues…

Yeah, as I said before, app is online and maybe the adress is already in use issue caused by another thing. But when I deploy this same app a month ago to cleavr there was no error, so I thought I made a mistake when deploying this time.

Also in this server there are 2 more apps as, and as file storage and backend api so… maybe they are crushing each other? I don’t know but I will look into it, thank you so much for your time.

I see!

Try running the following on the server command line

lsof -i :9862

Check to see if multiple processes are running on the port. If just one, you might try to stop the process by running kill <pid> and then restart the app to see of that clears it up.