Plausible analytics installation quick script

Plausible analytics is a great and simplified alternative to Google Analytics. They do provide paid hosting plans, which I would encourage you to strongly consider as it’d be supporting their efforts, but they also do provide self-hosted options so you can host Plausible on your own servers.

Setting up plausible is very easy.

Step 1: Add Docker service

On your server, go to the services section and add the Docker service.

Step 2: Add a generic port app

On your server, add a generic port app and set the port number to 8000.

Step 3: Run the Quick Script

Add this quick script to your Quick Script section and run as Cleavr user: quick-scripts/ at master · cleavr/quick-scripts · GitHub

Note - you will likely see a false warning after running the script - if Plausible renders, then you should be OK to ignore it

Once the script finishes, give Plausible a couple of seconds to load on your server, and then go to the URL you set up your generic port app with and you should see the Plausible login screen.

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Interesting analytics app and the two founders are doing a good marketing.
How about docker-compose? Does that work the same way as composer?
I’m a bit worried about updates, if every update takes hours, self-hosting could be very expensive.
Anyway I will try the hosted version first to see how it works, I’m curious about the search console integration and the first party connection.

I tried to setup the proxy setting to create first party connections.
These Nginx configuration doesn’t work with Cleavr:

Is the proxy module not enabled?

I don’t see any reason why the proxy setup wouldn’t work - I’ll give it a try later and see how it works.

They have been doing a great job. We started using Plausible self-hosted maybe about a year ago.

It should be quick docker pull plausible/analytics, a Quick Script can be created for that as well. But, that is the risk in managing on your own - if something breaks then you may need to become a docker expert. I think a better setup would be to setup an external db for the container to connect to - it makes me feel safer to have the data stored outside of the thing that may break anyways.

They have it well priced. $6 for managed hosting vs self-hosting for $5 on a typical DO droplet plus whatever your time is worth. :slight_smile:

Hey @finalwebsites,

I played around with this and got it to work. I’ve added some instructions here - Plausible Analytics - Cleavr docs

I think, at least for me, there were a couple of things that were a little vague in the Plausible instructions but hopefully I made it more clear in my guide. :slight_smile:

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Hi Adam,

thanks for the addition. Actually the example on their website works excellent, if you use the SaaS solution.
I forgot to configure the proxy_cache_path setting. That was the reason that their configuration wasn’t valid.
Let’s see the next days how the analytics data looks like :slight_smile:

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I checked also this script for some kind of proxy:

If you replace the rules from .htaccess with a NGINX directive, it should work too. It’s not the best way to solve it, but it helps to understand.

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