Plans of adding mongodb & other feature requests

Hey there!

would like to know some more about the future of cleavr :slight_smile:

Any plans to…

  1. add mongo db in the future?
  2. add cloning sites? Would be neat to set up staging + production with just a few clicks and changes in env files.
  3. add email services to create email addresses and manage them maybe even a web inbox?

One more minor thing which bugs me:
When going into one specifig server, site or app you have to click the arrow at the outer right of the screen and have to be precise when clicking. Would be great if the whole accordion-thingy would be clickable. Will that be a thing in the future? :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind, just found out you can actually click the title text too :slight_smile:

BTW: Subscribed today. Can’t wait to deploy some real projects now!

Have a great one!

Woot woot! :partying_face:

Glad to have you!

I’m kinds surprised we don’t get asked about Mango support more often tbh. Seems like users like to run it from a docker container. Would love to hear from others as well to hear what they think in terms of Cleavr support.

This is something we’re working our way towards. We just released the ability to clone a database to another server which was a first step towards implementing site cloning. Although, I tend to think of this more for WordPress sites or sites that aren’t being stored in a code repo like GitHub. Are you thinking of a WordPress site or a site where the code is stored in something like GitHub?

We have Sendmail and Postfix as options for email routing / delivery. Sounds like you are asking for more of a full on email service, which would be outside of the scope of Cleavr. It is something we’d create a guide on how to do if you had an open source email service in mind. :slight_smile:

Maybe implementing a system like this for feature requests could reveal more info about what people want :slight_smile:

cloning sites:
I am thinking of NuxtJS, Quasar and Strapi apps.

email service:
good question! Coming from plesk i am used to be able to create mail addresses for lets say for contact forms for example. But that should be handled by the nameserver of the domain then i think. Makes sense as it really seems out of scope for cleavr.

Thank you for your detailled answer!

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@amiedema, a system like this is very useful and works great to remember users which stop using Cleavr for the moment because they are missing a feature. My decision to (re)subscribe to a service is often based on road-map I have read before.

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