Plane deployment

Hi, i am trying to deploy the plane to one of my custom servers, but couldn’t manage to do it. Does anyone have tried it before? and if its possible can you guys guide me how to do it? Self Hosting | Plane

Hello @Lynx,

Plane self hosting documentation is quite straight forward if you want to use containerized NGINX that they provide. But with this approach you’ll have to invest some time on enabling SSL the Docker way.

If you want to do it Cleavr way, here are a few steps that might help you setting up Plane using Cleavr:

  1. Create two sites with Generic Port App as app type. You can enable SSL while creating the sites or after post site creation.
    a) First site: (API) with port 8000
    b) Second site: (Frontend) with port 3000

  2. Open docker-compose-hub.yml file and make the following changes:
    a) Comment out the reverse proxy service.

     # Comment this if you already have a reverse proxy running
     # plane-proxy:
     #      container_name: planeproxy
     #       depends_on:
     #               - plane-web
     #               - plane-api

    b) Expose ports for API and Web services.

                container_name: planefrontend
                        - 3000:3000


                container_name: planebackend
                        - 8000:8000
  1. Update .env file with the following URL changes.
  1. You can now Bootstrap or Restart Plane with Docker Compose.
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@anish I had an issue with the SSL while i was dealing with this, tried nginx proxy manager, then just gave up :smiley: Will definitely try it again and let you know soon!