Pitching Cleavr to Clients

Basically, my friends and I have become used to Cleavr, and, our clients seem reluctant to using Cleavr owing to security concerns. Any inputs on the following are appreciated.

  • Is there any sales pitch document for Cleavr that’s available in the public domain?

  • Is there any document showing Cleavr’s clients and how Cleavr has enabled them to save time/costs?

  • Is there any document demonstrating how Cleavr’s a better way to maintain security than an amateur DevOps team?

  • Are there any support plans that Cleavr provides for enterprises looking for 24x7 support?

Hello @shrikantshet and welcome to the Cleavr forum!

Those are some great questions. Let’s see if I can provide some answers:

I think the best thing we have publicly available for these bullet points are on the How it works page at How it works - Cleavr Server Management.

Outside of the above link, we don’t have any specific case studies we’ve conducted with clients but I think that would be valuable data for us to gather.

This document goes over the additional security measures that Cleavr enforces: Security Measures - Cleavr docs. We’re also working on 2FA for accounts that don’t use Google or GitHub to authenticate with. 2FA is in test right now and should be available soon.

We don’t have any official support plans at the moment, it’s been something we’ve considered. We do provide guaranteed support for Pro plans but with no official SLA - though we have a global team and are pretty quick to provide support.

I hope this helps to answer your questions! Please us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for sharing the links! I’ll reach out to you over an email.

From a Marketers view and opinion, it would make more sense concentrating on How Cleavr is superior to other Server Management Solutions. I guess the target audience who want a Server Management Solution don’t need a description on why you shall use a Server Management Solution at all. For me, it was more a surprise to find Cleavr than an intention. I would concentrate on targeting current RunCloud, ServerPilot, etc. users in the first place, as I was one of them.

Security is a way more important selling point than features. Psychology: People don’t buy what they actually want – they buy what they fear the least. And what DevOps guys fear the most is of course that their servers are going to get screwed and then would lose the trust of their customers. So, in my opinion, big focus on how you maintain stability and integrity for the client’s servers. Then use this as one of the main selling points when pitching cleavr. :v:


Thanks so much for the constructive feedback @Jeazyee! :raised_hands:

You’re welcome! Maybe it would be possible for you to implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and get the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate some time in the larger future. That would be a game changer, eliminating many security concerns for enterprises. :muscle: