Ping locations alternative

Hi guys,

Please forgive me for bothering you with so many questions.

As im in Sweden and have the server in Finland it would be great to replace USA and Singapore with Sweden and Finland.

Is it possible to have alternative Ping locations?

Tank you.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any servers for pinging in Sweden and Finland and we don’t have plans to add new locations in those regions right now. We also don’t want ping servers congregated in close regions as that would sort of defeat the purpose.

We could consider adding a server in Finland but not right now.
And we might consider adding one in Sweden if we get more awesome Swedish users like you :wink:

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Well, i will do what i can.

I’m one of 3700 resellers for Swedens biggest hosting provider but they don’t offer Node.js hosting so i will shout out in the resellers forum :slight_smile: